William Fisher

An actuary by trade - photographer by passion

I first got into photography in my early-teen years when my parents purchased a digital SLR. I was in awe of the improved quality of photos from the compact cameras of the day, and the variety of lenses enabling creative perspectives. Although, it probably helped that my step-father had been a commercial photographer in a previous career.

I started taking photography a little more seriously at university, where I invested in my first SLR camera. It was at university where I learnt the basics, having the time to focus on these aspects.

Post university, whilst the time available to me for photography has reduced due to a career in the City of London, it has become my main hobby. So much so that several times a year a good friend (also a keen photographer) and I head off on week-long trips of photographic bliss.

In early 2018, I took the plunge, and decided that I was going to share my work with the world, and set up this website. The problem with photography these days is that it is so "easy" with the advent of camera phones and consumer SLRs that we don't tend to stop and look at the images we have produced. This website is allowing me to look at my images in a different way, and I hope that wanting to share them with the world will further advance my skills.